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Created in 2012, coproduced by Les Nuits de Fourvière (Lyon, France) and the TOHU (Montréal), Sequence 8 has received rave reviews from the beginning. The show has been presented 400 times to 250 000 spectators in 15 countries.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” 
C. G. Jung

Séquence 8 carries emotional dynamics to a point of explosion and propulsion.
In this show we find emotions so heightened they spring into action, relationships that transform and evolve until they create actual velocity. Set not in a specific time or place but rather on a vertical canvas of sorts, this acrobatic dance and theatre piece contemplates the role of the “other”, and how we define ourselves through and against it. 

The Artists
  • Eric Bates

    Eric has always been a juggler. Circus remained a major part of his life throughout his days of being a rugby captain, competitive skier, and football player. In 2008, his life took a serious turn when he abandoned his studies at McGill University and entered the National Circus School in Montreal, in what is decidedly for Eric one of the best choices of his life.
    Harmonica, chess, cooking, break-dance, skateboarding…beyond his specialty of cigar-box juggling—for which he is considered one of the best in the world—Eric is an active jack of many trades.

  • Ugo Dario

    Ugo discovered circus at age 8 in a recreational circus school in France. Immediately impassioned, he tried every discipline he could, finally moving to Central France to attend the full time l’Ecole de Cirque Châtellerault.
    In 2008, the young artist traveled to Montreal and entered the National Circus School of Montreal, where he and partner Maxim specialised in Korean Board.
    Ugo graduated in 2011, and quickly joined Les 7 doigts de la main, participating in the Completement Cirque Festival’s Cabaret before embarking on the new creation.
    In 2012, he and Maxim took their teeterboard number to the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, where they were awarded multiple prizes, including the Gold Medal.
    Ugo is also a brown belt in karate, and is a painter, graffiti artist, photographer and musician. A multi-disciplinary artist, he believes that dance and theatre should be integrated with circus, and it is in this way he wishes to give his performances his personal mark.

  • Colin Davis

    Surrounded by the arts from a young age (his father was the founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe), Colin DAVIS discovered circus by watching the Pickle Family Circus. At 11, he decided to give it a shot, and entered the San Francisco School of Circus Arts. He so enjoyed learning Chinese acrobatics that he then chose to further his training in Montreal. With his partner Devin, he entered the National Circus School for three more years of intensive training. An accomplished musician, Colin has been playing instruments since he was 11, with a particular passion for the trumpet. A high level acrobat, Colin aspires, through his fertile imagination, to invoke laughter as well as tears.

  • Devin Henderson

    Raised in a family who welcomed the arts, Devin was barely five years old when he entered the San Francisco School of Circus Arts. Within two years, he advanced to the Chinese acrobatics classes with Master Lu Yi, and a year later, at age eight, he performed in his first professional show.
    After spending much time at the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, Devin entered Montreal’s National Circus School, where he perfected a duo number with Colin Davis, his partner for over 12 years.
    A lover of sports, food, and, especially of film, Devin frequently creates shorts movies about circus.
    Onstage, Devin hopes to share his passion for circus, instilled in him for as long as he can remember.

  • Maxim Laurin

    A highly active child, Maxim dabbled in theatre, magic, and circus before enrolling in Montreal’s National Circus School at age 11. Placed in an intensive collegial circus program, he trained in acrobatics, dance, theatre and trapeze while completing his academic studies.
    At 16, Maxim was sent by the National Circus School to France for a workshop. There he met future partner Ugo, with whom he decided to specialise in Korean Board. Upon graduating from school in 2011 and the pair immediately joined the 7 Fingers.
    In 2012, he and Ugo were granted the Gold Medal and numerous other awards for their teeterboard duo at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris.
    Maxim strives for constant artistic renewal, and aims to find his own way of being a circus artist.

  • Camille Legris

    Camille began gymnastics at age 5, and by 15, her walls covered with medals, she was named Athlete of the Year in her native town. After watching Cirque du Soleil on television, Camille enrolled at the National Circus School of Montreal. She studied at the circus school for seven years, performing along the way in special events and professional shows.
    Camille trained with hand to hand partner Tristan under the guidance and coaching of 7 Fingers artists Sebastien and Emilie. The duo found strengths in their differences and developed an acrobatic and artistic harmony.

  • Tristan Nielsen

    From a young age, Tristan showed perseverance in almost everything he tried. He signed up for a circus program offered through his school at age 12, and by 19 had already participated in two tours with the established youth troupe Circus Smirkus, and spent a season with the Zoppé Family Circus.
    After spending two months at the San Francisco Circus Center, Tristan felt ready to take his hand to hand level further, and at 20, he entered the National Circus School of Montreal. It was there that he met partner Camille Legris. Despite their initial language barrier, the two found a common ground in their love of hand to hand, and together created a dynamic and accomplished act.

  • Alexandra Royer

    From a young age, Alexandra was drawn to sports, the more extreme the better. At 8, she moved with her family to Morocco and began classical horseback riding. Upon her return from Morocco, at age 11, she signed up for the Circus School of Quebec City. She explored many circus disciplines while continuing horseback riding and equestrian vaulting. In 2008, she entered the National Circus School of Montreal. After training in Russian bar and other disciplines, she graduated in 2011 with a specialty in aerial hoop and won the Gold Medal at SOLyCIRCO (Germany).
    Alexandra’s extensive travels have fostered her open spirit and autonomous nature. Her strength as an artist lies in the mix of energy and elegance in her performance.

“Breathless, wordless.”

“Somersaulting into the heavens.”

“Les 7 Doigts might be compared to gymnastic Fred Astaires,
who allow us to be airborne Ginger Rogerses for one delirious night.”

New York Times, USA

“A Hell of a show.”

Boston Globe, USA

“The 7 fingers have the audience in their hand”

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

“This is a show that sets the benchmark for modern circus eye-poppingly high.”"

London Evening Standard, UK

“It’s laid-back. It’s seductive — exuberantly youthful and breathtakingly beautiful.
This is circus not just as entertainment but a way of life.”

SF Gate, USA

“The 7 Fingers troupe of Montreal is redefining the meaning of circus.”

Fox News, USA

Magical! There are moments in which we feel we are on the the roof of the universe. A perfect blend of virtuosic technique, fantasy, and poetry.

La Presse, Canada

“The audience begs for more.”

Libération, France

7 doigts put a human face on contemporary circus.

The Gazette, Canada

“7 Fingers’ Sequence 8 is fantastic”, USA