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PSY merges acrobatics of the body with acrobatics of the mind and soul.

For their fourth creation, Les 7 Doigts de la Main delves into the rich and surreal underworld of the human psyche. PSY travels through a shifting landscape of distorted visions, fading dreams and fractured memories.
Insomnia, addiction, amnesia, paranoia, hypochondria. juggling, Chinese pole, German wheel, aerial rope, teeterboard. By juxtaposing these darker issues with the invigorating and life-affirming language of circus arts, PSY brings out the humour, beauty, and commonality of these various neuroses, all the while celebrating the power of the individual to surmount their ailments and self-imposed restrictions, finding moments of strength, courage and joy while flying through the air.

The Artists
  • Kevin Beverley

    Kevin began dance and gymnastics as a child in the suburbs of Chicago. He danced his way through the Chicago Academy for the Arts High School, spending his free time learning circus. Having discovered a way to combine his passion for dance and acrobatics, he attended the New England Center for Circus Arts in Vermont, and then entered the National Circus School of Montreal, specializing in dance trapeze and Chinese hoop-diving. A curious and enthusiastic performer, Kevin continues to explore his personal blend of physical languages.

  • Mohamed Bouseta

    Mohamed grew up in a family of eight children in the north of France. Hyperactive by nature, he began to try different sports as a means of channelling this energy. His life took a turn for the better when he met the great Rumanian gymnast Adrian Munteanu, then retired, who had opened a circus school in front of his home. Beyond a teacher he found a true mentor, and the circus quickly became more than a passion. Before joining The 7 Fingers, Mohamed continued his training at Rosny-sous-Bois and the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne.

    Main role: Danny the Manic
    Secondary roles: Pedestrian, psy, Papa, guy in bar, WWF Wrestler (the Head Shrinker)
    Disciplines: Hand to hand, fly mat

  • Joris De Jong

    Joris de Jong is born in Rotterdam, where he starts doing circus at a young age at youthcircus Rotjeknor. After years of training, working together and performing this comes to an end. After high school he goes to the Fine Art
    academy in Rotterdam to express himself in an artistic way and show his ideas.
    In this year he rediscovers his love for the physical, the skills and performing.
    He decides to go to the new circus school Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. Within this education he gets in touch with a lot of different disciplines and becomes interested in the control of the body and everything surrounding it.
    One way he uses this interest is in a combination of juggling and dance. This combination together with his design background leads to poetic images and the possibility to create with his body and his objects. With this he reaches people on the street and in the theater.

    Main role: John? Joe? Jim? the Amnesiac
    Secondary roles: Pedestrian, guy in bar, psy
    Disciplines: Juggling, solo and group

  • Philippe Dreyfuss

    Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Philippe is multi-disciplinary artist who loves performing just about anywhere, from the theatre to the big top to street shows. He’s toured the world with Cirque Eos, Cirque Eloize, and Circus Starlight, and was an original cast member in Cirque du Soleil’s “Chemins Invsisibles” in Quebec City. A graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal, Philippe is also passionate about teaching. He’s been an instructor in circus schools worldwide, most notably in a social circus project at the Zip Zap School in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Main role: Dexter, with Multiple Personality Disorder
    Secondary roles: Pedestrian, little boy, several park passers-by, guy in bar
    Disciplines: Teeterboard, group juggling

  • Olga kosova

    Originally from Kiev, Olga immigrated at the age of six to the United States. After a promising debut in competitive rhythmic gymnastics, she also was a dancer. She trained on the aerial rope and in Chinese acrobatics with Master Lu Yi at the Circus Center in San Francisco, at the same time performing with Trapeze World, Vau de Vire and New Pickle Circus. Olga then went on to the National Circus School in Montreal. While training there she developed theatricality, dance, music and clowning skills, and perfected a new apparatus, the aerial net.

  • Mikael Kristiansen

    Mikael hails from the small town of Röros, Norway. His eclectic path led him to earn a black belt in karate, pursue a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, and develop an obsession with break-dancing. Following an increasing interest in performing arts and a long love for physical expression, he devoted himself to circus and spent three years the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (DOCH). His approach to movement and hand balancing is highly personal and constantly evolving.

    Main role: Jacques the Hypochondriac
    Secondary roles: Pedestrian, baby, several park passers-by, drag queen, psy
    Disciplines: Principle hand-balancer, group juggling

  • Kenneth Lindemann

    Having started sports since the age of 5, Kenneth has grown used to working with groups and teams in sports like Baseball and Soccer as well as knowing when to push and work hard on his own in sports like wrestling.

    Kenneth started playing music at the age of 10 when first introduced to the trumpet by his school. He quickly found that he loved the new ways he could now express himself and share wonderful experiences with band members through the art of music.

    As a teenager, Kenneth found a way he could combine both his love for sports and his love for the creativity the world of music offered to him….Circus! After joining The Amazing Grace Youth Circus, A youth circus in his hometown, he soon found that the world of circus was bigger than just his hometown in New York. Wanting to explore the different disciplines of circus, Kenneth found himself traveling from across U.S. in San Francisco to up north in Montreal training with circus coaches from around the world.

    Kenneth graduated at the Circus School of Quebec, trying to branch out more and more, Kenneth is searching for new ways to combine different circus disciplines into unique and creative numbers.

    Main role: George the Paranoiac
    Secondary roles: Psy, Pedestrian, clown, several park passers-by, guy in bar
    Disciplines: Hand to hand, Chinese pole, group juggling, fly mat

  • Alana Moggridge

    Alana began gymnastics at age six, and quickly developed a passion for the acrobatic movement and aesthetism of the sport. At 18, she discovered circus. Taken by the creative opportunities of this new-found art form, she spent three years at the Circus School of Quebec City. There, she trained in as many circus disciplines as possible (aerial silks, handstands, hand to hand…), while specializing aerial straps.

    Main role: Claire the Insomniac
    Secondary roles: Pedestrian/love interest, little girl, several park passers-by, girl in bar, drunk girl, psy
    Disciplines: Hand to hand, Chinese pole.

  • Tom Proneur-Orsini

    Passionate about dance from a very young age, Tom expanded his repertoire at Cirque de Nexon in France where he practiced juggling, trampoline and acrobatics. There he studied towards a degree with a “dance option” in association with the Conservatoire de Danse Contemporaine. At the same time, he pursued regular circus training and coached French trampoline champions before entering the École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois. He went on to major in hand-to-hand at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne where he trained for two years. In parallel to his academic career and to help underwrite his studies, Tom was also a dramatic artist with the Entrac’t circus company.

    Main role: Smith/ Mr. OCD
    Secondary roles: Little boy, several park passers-by, guy in bar, psy
    Disciplines: Hand to hand, hand-balancing, group juggling

  • Julien Silliau

    Julien spent much of his childhood at his mother’s circus school before entering the École de cirque Balthazar in Montpellier then the École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois, both in France. During this training he acquired great versatility as both juggler and acrobat, and performed in several events in association with the Acrobacirque circus school, École Nationale de Cirque de France, Festival du Cirque de Demain in Paris. He has also performed in Tunisia and Argentina and was part of a circus company of street performers. Upon enrolling in the National Circus School in Montreal he majored in the German wheel, not only making the discipline his own but bringing a new dynamic to it.

Demolishes generational barriers by mixing the visual with the intellectual and originality with virtuosity.

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Les 7 doigts are one step closer to reinventing the wheel.

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A special sort of madness – a therapy everyone needs.

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“Watching PSY is like having the front-row seat to someone else’s fever dream. Les 7 doigts raises the bar on what cirque nouveau can do – not just physically but emotionally.”

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