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Death is a cabaret, my friend.

La Vie is about insanity, sorrow, bad behaviour, pain, airplane accidents and romantic love gone terribly wrong – but it’s funny, joyful, and very sexy. La Vie takes place in a purgatory of the imagination, where the sinners try to tumble, juggle, climb, fly, sing or joke their way out of hell. A diabolical master of ceremonies presides over this twisted Judgement Day, and not even the audience is safe as he weighs their souls in his unforgiving hands.
The unexpected, the hysterical and the surprisingly moving.

“…One of the most famous circus companies in the world.”
“They have invented a style”

Le Monde (Translation)

“Daring, provocative, bold, funny, sexy, quirky and super stylish.”

Dominion Post

“Astonishing .”

The Economist

“Highly skilled artists, intelligent ideas, clever choreography and comedy, thrilling acts and superb music.”

The Stage