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Death is a cabaret, my friend.

La Vie is about insanity, sorrow, bad behaviour, pain, airplane accidents and romantic love gone terribly wrong – but it’s funny, joyful, and very sexy. La Vie takes place in a purgatory of the imagination, where the sinners try to tumble, juggle, climb, fly, sing or joke their way out of hell. A diabolical master of ceremonies presides over this twisted Judgement Day, and not even the audience is safe as he weighs their souls in his unforgiving hands.
The unexpected, the hysterical and the surprisingly moving.

The Artists
  • Emilie Bonnavaud

    Originally trained in sports acrobatics, Émilie and partner Sébastien Soldevila were named French National Champions in Mixed Pairs five years in a row (1992-1996), in addition to placing sixth in the World Championships (1996) and fourth in the European Championships (1996).
    In 1998, the Cirque du Soleil recruited Émilie, and she performed in Saltimbanco (1998-2001), and as an original cast member of Ka (2003- 2005).
    Émilie’s joined Les 7 doigts de la main in 2005, leading to her stage reunion with Sébastien. They developed a new act, choreographed by Shana Carroll, which won the gold medal at the 2007 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris.

  • Isabelle Chassé

    At five, Isabelle drew a picture of a trapeze artist and stated this was what she wanted to be. At eleven, she found an ad in the local newspaper for a circus school and asked her mother if she could go.
    The determined Quebec-countryside girl was quickly placed into an intensive contortion program at the National Circus School of Montreal. After two years, Isabelle joined Cirque du Soleil as part of a contortion act with three other girls. The quartet received gold medals at the Festival de Monte Carlo and the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Domain de Paris, and many other awards; and appeared The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Good Morning America, and many more.
    In 1997, Isabelle explored solo work and a new apparatus, developing a contortion act on aerial silks for Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam.
    Curious about many art forms, Isabelle participated in films Satie and Suzanne (Gold Medal, New York Film Festival; Grammy Nomination) and Martyrs (as ‘’The Creature!’’).
    Upon co-founding Les 7 doigts de la main, she has worked as a performer and co-creator on Loft and La Vie; assistant director and guest performer on Psy; and an artistic leader on The Fibonacci Project.
    An avid gardener, Isabelle recently completed a degree in Horticulture.

  • Krin Haglund

    Krin Maren Haglund, a multidisciplinary circus artist known for bringing spark, personality and “a little something extra” to her acrobatic acts, works with many of today’s most exciting circus and cabaret troupes. These days, you may find Krin on the trapeze and singing in the 7 Fingers’ “Loft” or cabaret “La Vie,” as the eccentric flight attendant. She is an original cast member of Cirque Eloize’s” Rain” which performed to sold-out crowds around the world. At Eloize, Krin won acclaim as “Rain’s deft comedianne” and became the first woman to perform on the Cyr wheel, which won her the Roncalli price at the SolyCirco circus competition. Cirque du Soleil, La Clique (now “La Soiree”), Hansa Theater, Riksteatret National Touring Theater of Norway, Amanda Palmer, and the Dresden Dolls are among the stages Krin has embellished. Passionate about personal storytelling in circus, Krin directs performance projects that highlight the personality of the performer to the delight of the audience. Determined to helping talented acrobats unravel the mysteries of the Cyr wheel, Krin coaches the single wheel for the off-Broadway hit “Traces” by the 7 Fingers. After graduating from Smith College, Krin attended San Francisco’s Clown Conservatory and Circus Center. Before starting circus, she was an exchange student in Japan.

  • Patrick Léonard

    Despite four consecutive titles as Canadian Artistic Roller Skating Champion, Patrick rejected a life of glory to pursue a bachelor’s in chemistry. However, he could not suppress his ever-lingering passion for performing, and he soon abandoned his mad scientific career for the equally mad world of circus.
    After training at Montreal’s National Circus School, Patrick performed as a comic character and diabolo artist at the Montreal Casino; in German cabarets Wintergarten Variete, Freidrichbau Variete, and Pomp Duck and Circumstance; in Teatro Zinzanni; and in the traditional Cirque Knie.
    Upon co-founding Les 7 doigts de la main in his native Quebec, Patrick has received special recognition for his comic performances (Newcomer Award, Montreal Mayor’s Foundation; Prix Nikouline, Festival Mondiale du Cirque de Demain de Paris). He co-created and performs in Loft and La Vie and collaborates in the Fibonacci Project. His love for creative projects leads him as a conceptor and performer for many events and projects, including the co-creation of the parapeze, a trapeze on a hang-glider.
    In 2010 Patrick began creation for a solo show, currently under the working title of Patinoire.
    Patrick’s proudest creations are his two daughters.

  • DJ Pocket

    Pocket started his DJ career in the late 80s. In 1982 he fell in love with hip hop at a Rock Steady Crew (with D.J. DST) concert. This art form so fascinated him that he transformed from mime into break dancer and from percussionist into human beat box. In 1988, after seeing DJ Cash Money in concert, Pocket bought 2 Technics SL 1200 turn-tables and a DJ mixer. The same year, Pocket performed a comic vocal show in Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival. He went on to perform this solo show over 1000 times over the next 5 years. From 1993 to 1996, he produced and animated Godzilla, a weekly underground comic cabaret.
    In 1997, DJ Pocket won 2 prizes (originality and crowd reaction) at the D.M.C. International Scratch Contest in Montreal. He collaborated on albums with several recording artists (Marc Déry, Les Colocs, Chasse Galerie, etc.), with whom he also toured Canada, and produced the Raoul et les Raoulettes’ album at his recording studio. In 2003, he DJ’ed on the Radio-Canada weekly TV show Palmares.
    DJ Pocket has been with Les 7 doigts de la main since their inception, performing non-stop alongside them, and contributing enormously to their creative development.

  • Faon Shane

    information coming soon

  • Sébastien Soldevila

    Well advanced in his studies in biochemistry, Sebastien would most likely have become a doctor had he not been so passionate about acrobatics. Growing up, the voracious athlete delved in trampoline, diving, acrobatic skiing, tumbling with the French Junior National Team, and sports acrobatics, where he and partner Emilie Bonnevaud maintained the title of French National Champions in Mixed Pairs fours years in a row.
    After working as a choreographer for the Dutch National Team, Sebastien was recruited to perform in Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco.
    Upon co-founding Les 7 doigts de la main in 2002, Sebastien joined forces with Patrick Leonard to create an award-winning duo (Prix Nikouline, Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain de Paris), since performed on over 15 television programs around the world.
    In 2007, he and Emilie Bonnevaud developed a new hand-to-hand act, choreographed by Sebastien’s wife and fellow 7 doigt Shana Carroll. The act won the gold medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain de Paris and has since been presented over – times.
    Sebastien co-created and performs in La Vie (as Master of Ceremonies) and Loft. He coaches acrobatics with many 7 doigt shows and at the National Circus School of Montreal.
    A native of Paris, Sebastien lives with his family in Montreal.

“…One of the most famous circus companies in the world.”
“They have invented a style”

Le Monde (Translation)

“Daring, provocative, bold, funny, sexy, quirky and super stylish.”

Dominion Post

“Astonishing .”

The Economist

“Highly skilled artists, intelligent ideas, clever choreography and comedy, thrilling acts and superb music.”

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