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Created in 2006, Traces has been presented almost 1600 times before 900,000 people in 25 countries and 200 cities around the world. The show has won multiple awards, been invited to America's Got Talent twice, was on TIME's top 10 list in 2011, performed at the Royal Variety Performance in London, and was featured at the Union Square Theater in NYC for a whole year.

Traces is poetic and explosive, humorous and thoughtful. Combining traditional acrobatic forms with street elements such as skateboarding and basketball, mixed in with some theatre and contemporary dance, it surprises, awes and delights at every turn.

Traces takes place in a make-shift shelter, an unknown catastrophe waiting outside the doors of tarp and gaffer tape. In the face of an impending disaster they have determined that creation is the only antidote to destruction. Poetic and explosive, humorous and thoughtful. Combining traditional acrobatic forms with street elements such as skateboarding and basketball, mixed in with some theatre and contemporary dance, it surprises, awes and delights at every turn.

The Artists
  • Lucas Boutin

    Lucas discovered cir- cus arts at age six, learning to juggle and uni- cycle in a small town near Paris. His passion for movement led him to expand his acrobatic skills, entering the Châtellerault National Circus School at age 15, followed by the Circus Space in London at 18. Performing credits include the Generating Company in Hong Kong, the Circa Festival in France, numerous events, and the English National Opera.

  • Hou Kai

    Hou Kai was born in 1993 in Henan Province of China. Hou Kai started his strict training at the age of five at the Shaolin Temple in Henan. This training gave him a strong foundation to become an amazing acrobat in the following years. At the age of eight Hou Kai joined the China Acrobatic Troupe where he went through extensive training. Within nine years he acquired various acrobatic skills such as hoop diving, Chinese diabolo, tumbling, juggling balls, juggling hat, Chinese pole, dancing, and martial arts. Hou Kai’s acrobatic skills have been seen and admired at the Tian Di Theatre for the past nine years. He performed daily with the acrobatic troupe and also had his own Chinese diabolo act. Hou Kai left the China Acrobatic Troup in 2010 to pursue his career as a performer. Apart from China, he also performed in the USA, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Czech, Germany, Japan, Australia, Hungary and Hong Kong. Leaving the stage with loud applause by his breathtaking acts gave him a lot of confidence when performing. Through this experience he can call himself a professional acrobat performer.

  • LJ Marles

    London-boy LJ (Kalyn) fell in love with the circus arts at the age of 18 after taking part in a youth project with the Bassline Circus. A self taught street and hiphop dancer, he spent the next three years at the Circus Space, specializing in aerial straps. After developing his skills and approach, he performed in projects such as Finland’s Turku Festival, France’s Circa Festival, and an out- door series with the British National Theatre. LJ joined TRACES in 2012.

  • Diego Rodarte-Amor

    Since 2012, Diego and his partner Anne-Marie perform with Les 7 dogts de la main (Traces, Amuse).
    Born and raised in Mexico City, Diego began a brief life as a university student before devoting himself to his real passion: circus. He trained with the Cirko de Mente in Mexico, the National Circus School of Cuba, and then headed to the National Circus School of Montreal. It was even further north, however—in the Circus School of Quebec City—where he met his future hand to hand partner, Anne-Marie. The two acrobats created a duo and went on to perform with shows Eclyps, Omaterra, and more.

  • Fletcher Sanchez

    With roots in classical dance Jazz and Hip Hop Fletcher started his circus formation at the San Francisco Circus Centre, From there he continued his formation at L’Ecole nationale De nirque De Montréal and completed their 3 year program. A generalist at heart he loves to try everything but specializes in Chinese Pole, Trampoline Wall, and Teeterboard. He has performed with many companies including: San Francisco Youth Circus, Vau de Vire society, Haut Vol productions, Cirque Productions, Cirque du Soleil, and the 7 Fingers (AMUSE). He was performing for 2 years with Cirque Éloize in their new creation “ID” and works closely with the Catwall Acrobats as one of their main acrobats.

  • Renaldo Williams

    At the age of 12 Renaldo discovered gymnastics. Soon after this introduction to the world of acrobatics, he started circus, travelling and performing with the St-Louis Arches, a circus troupe under the direction of Jessica Hentoff. After completing high school and a year stent in university, Renaldo decided to continue his circus education and was accepted to national circus school of Montreal. Specializing in hand to hand, Renaldo and Naomi graduated as a duo in 2013. They have since been featured in gala events across the globe for several companies including Cirque Éloize and Les 7 doigts de la main. The two have just finished touring Australia with Spiegalworld’s production of “Empire.”

  • Naomie Zimmermann-Pichon

    Naomi started gymnastics at the age of five years old and discovered the Quebec circus school where three years later, she integrated into the program until the end of high school. In 2010, Naomi auditioned to the national circus school of Montreal and was accepted in the DEC program specializing in hand to hand. She graduated from the national circus school of Montreal in June 2013. After participating to a few corporative events around the world, Naomi worked with the company Spiegelworld in the show Empire performing hand to hand in the Australia tour.

Time Magazine’s “Top Ten Everything of 2011″

“Eye-popping athleticism, fluid grace and chiseled physiques make for the sexiest circus in town”

New York Daily News


Rolling Stone

Pulse-pounding, electric, and immensely entertaining.

Entertainment Weekly

A fix of pure urban adrenaline
Mad, pulse-raising magic

New York Times

A whole new kind of awe-inspiring theatre


The gorgeously pure, loose and personal circus show.

Chicago Tribune